Eastern greetings



We wish joyful, family and warm Easter to all of our Clients and Associates.

In addition, we want to announce that the PXM company on Friday (18/04/2014) will be closed. All shipping before Eastern will be performed on Thursday.

New project


Chodnik do komory Lill 1

We invite you to visit the "Realizations", where we present new project.

New feature in PX140 and PX181


PX181 main

We wish to announce that the PX181 panel gained a new feature, "an indicator light," improving communication with the PX140 controller.

To use the feature, please update you firmware on both devices and download the latest version of the PX181 app (available from the "Downloads" section). A description of the feature is available in manuals for both devices.

A new PX140 software


PX140 main

We would like to inform about new software version of PX140 controller. Starting from version it support also Windows 8 PC operating system.

The new software can be downloaded from PX140 product website.

Merry Christmass - New Year's Break


Nowy rok 2014

We want to inform that during the Christmas and New Year period, i.e. from 23 December 2013 to 3 January 2014 the PXM company will be closed. This year's last shipment will be made on 20 December, after the New Year sales will begin on January 7.

We wish you all a peaceful Christmas and all the best in the coming 2014 year.

Changes to the LED drivers offer



We want to inform that starting from October this year the PX162 driver is no longer in production.
In the same time we introduce its successor called a PX307.

More information about the new device can be found on the PX307 product website.

ENERGETAB 2013 Trade Fair


targi 09.2013

The 26th ENERGETAB fair has ended.

We want to thank everyone who has visited our stand.

New projects


Haluszki 1

We invite you to visit the "Realizations", where we present 3 new projects.

PxLine Mini – a new linear lamp


PX294 main

PxLine Mini is a LED lamp designed to illuminate exhibition displays and architectural details. It is the smallest of PxLine lamps. PX294 is best suited for installations requiring consistent continuous illumination. You can find more information about the lamp on the website of the product PX294..

DMX/4-20mA Interface - new demultiplexer in PXM catalog


PX292 main

DMX/4-20mA Interface is a device for processing DMX-512 signal to analog 4 - 20 mA control. In addition to simple DMX decoding the PX292 allows to program the unit reaction to loss of DMX signal.

More details about the new device can be found on the product PX292 webpage.