New device PX387 SwitchDimm DMX Controller


PX387 main

New device in our offer - DMX controller, managed through Android ™ application. More details at PX387 page.

PX333 for iPhone



Application for PX333 management is now available on iTunes

New project


Góra Kalwaria 1

We invite you to visit the "Realizations", where we present new project.

New lamp in PxArt series


PX378 main

PX378 PxArt+ Frame is new monochromatic lamp with framing system available in our exhibition lighting offer. It is available in different versions of color temperature and CRI factor.

New device PX314 AC+ Dimmer 24 x 3600 W


PX314 main

New device in our offer - 24 x 3600W dimmer.
Device is equipped with color touch screen and operates on two DMX lines and 3 Art-Net universes.
More details at PX314 page.

New projects


Sąd ostateczny 01

We invite you to visit the "Realizations", where we present 2 new projects.

New version of PX277


PX277 main

PX277 PxArt+ Settings Controller has been equipped with miniUSB socket, that allows to upgrade device. More information can be found at device page.

New device PX376 HD Multimedia Player


PX376 main

New device in our offer - Full HD multimedia player controlled with DMX. More details at PX376 page.

New project


Kordegarda 1

We invite you to visit the "Realizations", where we present new project.

Important information



Because of the planned change of the company seat, our production department is going to work till the 18-th of December, 2015. The production is going to start again since the 29-th of February, 2016. In the period of the 18-th of December, 2015 till the 29-th of February, 2016 (except the Christmas) we are going to sell the goods available only from the warehouse. At this time there may be some delays and shortages in our stock.
Therefore, please, if it is possible, send us your orders preferably till the 13-th of November, 2015. Then we can guarantee the delivery by the end of this year.