New device - PX716 Splitter DMX-RDM


PX716 main

New Device PX716 Splitter DMX-RDM is now available in our offer. More details at device page.

New version of PxDesigner


PxDesigner 2

New version 1.0.7 of PxDesigner is now available for download.
Application supports PX340, PX345 and new PX710 controller.
New software version is compatible with older firmware versions (from

PX125 - end of production line


PX125 main

PX125 Opera RedLine has been discontinued and will no longer be available for sale.

New PX710 DMX Controller


PX710 main

New device in our offer - PX710 DMX controller that supports 2 DMX output lines (1024 DMX channels). The main controller PX710M may be extended with additional supporting modules (max. 7 x 1024 channels).
The device is supported with PxDesigner PC application (from 1.0.5 version). More details at PX710 page.

New device PX713 Serial Driver


PX713 main

New device in our offer - driver for digital LED strips. More details at PX713 page.

New controll mode in drivers



In PX184, PX211, PX215, PX241, PX282, PX305, PX307, PX308, PX370 LED drivers there is new controll mode: Dynamic White. It allows to controll warm white and cold white LED strips with color temperature and brightness channels.
New mode is available from 5.09 FW version.

DWG library



Technical drawings in dwg2004 format are available do download for selected devices. Devices that are available yet: PX165, PX173, PX175, PX178, PX184, PX186, PX211, PX215, PX227, PX232, PX241, PX245, PX252, PX254, PX255, PX257, PX282, PX292, PX333, PX340, PX345.

New project


Kościół św. Józefa 2

We invite you to visit the "Realizations", where we present new project.

New lighting in Zachęta - National Gallery of Art


Zachęta 1

We invite you to visit the "Realizations", where we present new project in which our devices were applied.

PX340 and PX345 on Google Play


PX340 Android 1

Application for operating the PX340 and PX345 controllers on smartphones with Android ™ system is now available on Google Play.